British Colour Standard Full Kitchen Set in Old Rose

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A full set of our lovely kitchen textiles, buy all 5 pieces and get the pot holder free!
£50.00 instead of £58.00.
British Colour Standard  - an historical 1930’s colour matching system dating back to the times when dyed strips of ribbon and wool were used to specify uniforms to flags and products such as post-boxes to battleships - across the then British Empire.
Modernised for a softer approach in our digital world.
A soft, dusty rose-pink colour called Old Rose.
The set includes a soft, washed Barista-style cotton apron, tea towel, oven mitt, double-oven glove and a round pot holder.
All packaged with a smart, BCS branded card wrap.
Made in India.
Wash at 40 degrees, domestic washing machine.



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