BRITISH COLOUR STANDARD Indian Yellow Espresso Cup

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British Colour Standard  - an historical 1930’s colour matching system dating back to the times when dyed strips of ribbon and wool were used to specify uniforms to flags and products such as post-boxes to battleships - across the then British Empire.
Modernised for a softer approach in our digital world.

Due to its fluorescence, Indian yellow is especially vivid and bright in sunlight. It was likely first used by Dutch artists. Before the end of the 18th century it was commonly used by artists across Europe.
A soft, powdery tone with glistening gold accents.
Light, white bone china cup.
Dishwasher-safe gilt lettering.
Gold embossed swing tag tied on each cup.
110ml/4 oz
60 mm H x 60 mm D
Made in Stoke On Trent-Yes! Made In Britain



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