British Colour Standard -

British Colour Standard-Back from the 1930's, now ready for the 21st Century.

Well known for their back-ground in colourful homewares and having created the original and iconic bone china Pantone mugs; Designed in Colour present 'British Colour Standard’. An historical 1930’s colour matching system dating back to the times when dyed strips of ribbon and wool were used to specify items from uniforms to flags and post-boxes to Battleships and used across the then British Empire. 

We bring this wonderful vintage British story back to market with a beautiful range of colourful mugs made in Stoke on Trent, in light, white bone china.

Launching with 12 classic colours; including Union Jack Red and Saffron Yellow-my personal favourite is Peacock Green-each mug comes with a gilded tag, embossed with the original lion rampant icon from the 1930's.

All the mugs have evocative names that accompany the many 100’s of colours in the collection. We had to start somewhere, but with colours called Squirrel, Toast and Nutmeg-I predict some colourful battles ahead as we try to choose...!

We introduce this warm and charming brand, rich with provenance and humour to the homewares sector with textiles, ceramics, enamelware to name a few of the original products planned for this year.

British Colour Standards-you've got to have standards!



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