The National Gallery

Old masters? These are brand new!
We have taken some of the most compelling paintings of old masters (and mistresses!) from the
very walls of the National Gallery, used incredible hi-res scans and applied the images to a witty
range of melamine plates, placemats and coasters.
This is serious fun. 
What better way than to turn history on its head with a portrait, picnic plate of a great from the gallery?
The portrait placemats and coaters allow you to set the table and put a face to a place.
There is a great deal of fun to be had setting the table with alternating boy/girl mats to allocate
who should sit where.
The resolution of the scans is incredible-some of the paintings are almost 500 years old and the detail
of the faces is incredible.
On Georges de Selves (otherwise known as the one on the right), in the incredible painting The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein-you can see his individual beard stubble-and let us not forget that
this is before beards became Hoxton hipster territory; Georges was there first!



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