Charles & Ray Eames

In every aspect of their work, Charles Eames (1907-1978) with his wife Ray (1912-1988) embraced films, environments, furniture and toys.
Among their toys, the House of Cards (made in several different sizes and formats) is a universal favourite. The 54-card Picture Deck was first produced in 1952.
Its images are of what the Eameses called “good stuff,” chosen to celebrate “familiar and nostalgic objects from the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms.’’
Charles and Ray Eames were simply two giants of 20th century design-multi-disciplinary creatives on whose shoulders many of the top designers of today stand.
We are privileged to have worked very closely with the EAMES OFFICE in Los Angeles for many years, creating and curating carefully all of our House of Cards products using their original, archive images.
The 'Eames aesthetic' is elegant yet playful, inclusive and generous, and finds beauty and intelligence
in a mixture of times and cultures.
They were as equally concerned with the avant-garde movement as with victorian clutter, 19th century shop letters, folk art and natural science.
Charles and Ray felt very strongly in the guest/host relationship -where it was the host's responsibility to care for the guest. They believed it was the designer's role to act as a host who anticipated the needs of their guests, the people.
This 'demands humanity' within the maxims of 'form follows function" and "less is more".
"Design should bring the most of the best to the greatest amount of people for the least." - Charles Eames
"What works is better than what looks good. The looks good can change, but what works, works." - Ray Eames
Could we put it any better than that? Probably not and we are not going to try!
Charles, Ray, we salute you still.



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