Handmade Glassware

Our beautiful new Handmade Glassware Collection is hand-blown glass in an artful array of 18 colours.

All the colours have been carefully chosen by us to mix and match. From moody mauves, robust reds and zesty lemon tones-there is a colour sure to delight the most demanding host.

In an age of mass production and somewhat anonymous products, these charming pieces have a very personal handmade feeling which we love and we are sure you will love too. Each piece is hand crafted by a skilled artisan with no two are exactly alike. All the tiny air bubbles 'fizzing' away in each glass are created by adding soda to the mix when each piece is being blown.

The gorgeous colours are actually part of the glass and not just surface-sprayed on, meaning they will grace your table with the same glossy colour for many a stylish meal.

This range has been designed by us for relaxed every day dining. With big carafes and jugs to fill to the brim with homemade lemonade or a summer cocktail and wine glasses to offer guests a generous goblet of vino
and tumblers for a summer cocktail, add some colour to your party!

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